pfSense – SquidGuard and AVScan – Virtual Environment

pfSense – Squid – SSL Interception – SqudGuard Webfilter – AVScan

The above Test lab performed in a VMware vSphere environment . Inside pfSense SquidGuard and Squid Antivirus enabled in the same time for http and SSL protocol. Configuring squid as SSL splice will make AV Scan unusable. similarly if we configure it as SSL Bump then squidGuard will not work.

In order to overcome this we can use above solution. We need 2 Pfsense instanse to cover entire solution. I have used 2 pair of Pfsense in 2 physical server to make it Active -Standby environment.

The below tire of pfSense is used for Explicit proxy (Squid and AV) and the top tire used for Webfilter.

The above diagram is self explanatory for advance pfsense users. I will post configuration details in next post. Thank you.


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